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Insurance  services

Welcome to Ridgebrook company website!

We are well-recognized international transport insurance broker, providing to our clients the highest security at best prices with the ongoing support 24 /7 day.

Our all-inclusive services are all through major insurance markets over the word.  

The company’s employs highly experienced staff so that every specialist is competent and trained in particular operation. Our team is very coordinated and orientated on individual support of our clients.

Great expertise in transport operations and many years on the market earn our company a solid reputation with positive feedback from our customers


The Company was founded in 1881 by James Edward Anderson. James Anderson joined the West India Trading Company after he graduated The Navigation School. He served for 22 years, first as a navigator then as a captain until 1880.

Having a great deal of maritime experience after serving on many vessels, including several well known craft such as The Sea Nymph, The Phermopills, and The Sculler, Anderson decided to build his own trade company.


Since then, James Anderson’s Ridgebrook LP Company was engaged in the sugar-cane and tea trade from South America.

Consequently, through obtaining warehouses in Ipswich and London, the insurance office began sharing sea shipping risks. In a few years Ridgebrook LP owned 3 vessels, each of 300 tons displacement: The Ridgeriver, The Ridgevalley and The Ridgebrook.


By the beginning of the 20th century,  Anderson’s company was practicing insurance brokerage and controlled a 50 vessel fleet. After the First World War, James Edward Anderson left his business. From that moment Ridgebrook LP turned into warehousing business.

After World War II, the company recommenced shipping sea freights and freight forwarding in co-operation with container lines and ship owners all over the world. By 1978 the company reached an annual turnover of goods in the amount of 720000 tons.


In the early 2000s, in order to meet their customers` needs, the company made a decision to go back to insurance brokerage business. Therefore, the subsidiary insurance broker, Ridgebrook LP was established focusing mainly on marine insurance. In 2007, the company went on the Russian market, consequently becoming the leading business ground.

Nowadays, the insurance broker, Ridgebrook LP, is contemporary company with old traditions.


Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is an activity we have been engaged with from the very beginning.  Nowdays  marine insurance is our core business, so we provide a wide range of marine insurance services, as follows:


Our company has been engaged in Aviation Insurance since the return to the insurance business in early 2000, and since that moment, we work successfully with this type of insurance with volumes growing steadily.

Claims Handling

Being Insurance broker, we act as Insurance managers for our clients, taking care about all insurance matters, including claim handling. Our position is that  the Owner should not stay alone with the casualty, with our mission  as an Insurance broker, to  take care in dealing with claims whilst keeping in constant contact with the Underwriters` claim handlers. 

Russian Market

Our special offer is the placement on the Russian market. As we have a representaive office in Saint Petersburg, we have direct access to leading Russian Insurance companies engaged in Marine and Aviation insurance. In spite of the fact that the country may have a lower rating thatn other countries, given by  leading rating companies, as only several  of  Russian Insurers have international ratings, the  Russian  market can bring advantages for those owners of vessels or aircrafts, who are insured via professional brokers with local knowledge.

Your benefits

Your benefits

The Insurance broker perceives itself as insurance adviser from start to finish, not just a company who place the risk with the insurer. We would like to take care of all aspects related to insurance and handling. Our professional expertise and experience with insurances and claims, provides the following service:

  • 1) Taking effect immediately as per agreement;
  • 2) Dedicated time to our customers;
  • 3) Competitive rates and money saving packages;
  • 4) Assurance and 24 hours helpline

Extra premium to be charged for calls at Togo

Togo has been added to the Joint War Committee's listed areas where additional war risk premiums are charged , according to a bulletin published by the Lloyd's Maritime Association this week. The Joint War Committee has added Togo to the "Hull War, Piracy, Terrorism and Related Perils" list, which includes Nigeria, Benin and parts of the Gulf of Guinea, in response to attacks on ships and a growing piracy threat in the region. This follows news last week from the International Maritime Organization that West African heads of state will meet at the end of June to adopt a code to fight growing piracy in their coastal waters that would include the use of arrests, prosecutions and seizures of ships. According to data from the International Maritime Bureau published earlier in the year, there has been a growing trend for piracy attacks in the Gulf of Guinea including in the Togo area.


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