Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is an activity we have been engaged with from the very beginning.  Nowdays  marine insurance is our core business, so we provide a wide range of marine insurance services, as follows:

Hull and Mashinery (H&M)

H&M is one of the most common used insurance cover by Owners. We provide our customers the most convenient solution for H&M cover, based on the customer`s needs, demands of the banks and our experience. Taking into consideration the numerous factors such as : vessel`s (or fleet) particulars, most convenient conditions (ITC,Norwegian Plan, ADS , DTV and etc), necessary Underwriters` international rating, claim handling, rates and others, we provide Assured with the optimal cover. It means we act as a broker for the owner`s insurance manager, in order to provide the reliable security and minimize the cost of the insurance.

Upon the request of the client, we can provide the following cover as an addition to standard H&M insurance:

  • Increased Value
  • War / terrorism
  • Loss of Hire
  • Mortgagees Interests

as well as the separate covers for Builder`s Risks , Repair Risk , Special Voyage Risks –for demolition, tows and etc.

Liability insurance.

Protection and Indemnity insurance provides the essential cover for every vessel from a pleasure craft to an ocean-going tanker. We provide ship owners with P & I coverage by fixed premium Insurers, as well as by mutual club coverage, dependant on the clients requirements and wishes. In respect to the required limits and specific demands our specialists find optimal solutions for our customers. Additionally; Freight, Demurrage & Defence (FDD insurance) and Charter liabilities can be provided.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is one of the traditional types of Insurance for Ridgebrook LP, since we were established to the present day, as the company has been engaged with the transportation of goods. That’s why we gained large experience in cargo insurance. We can also provide our customers with the cargo insurance to suit their specific needs. It may be issued for Single Voyage or Repeat Turnover or Special Projects cargo, as well as Containers and Ship's Equipment. As we have a representative office in Russia, we can provide reliable cargo insurance with claim support to and from Russian, as well as for domestic transportation.