Russian Market

Our special offer is the placement on the Russian market. As we have a representaive office in Saint Petersburg, we have direct access to leading Russian Insurance companies engaged in Marine and Aviation insurance. In spite of the fact that the country may have a lower rating thatn other countries, given by  leading rating companies, as only several  of  Russian Insurers have international ratings, the  Russian  market can bring advantages for those owners of vessels or aircrafts, who are insured via professional brokers with local knowledge.

What kind of advantage you can receive on Russian market?

  • Lower prices. The coverage from the Russian market may cost considerably less than you can get on European or UK market. So it is attractive as you may cut your costs and maximize savings available to you.
  • Better conditions. For the better conditions, Russian Underwriters will take the same or even less of a premium. It means that you can get cover with lower deductibles, less additional clauses and be provided with additional cover for considerably lower premiums.
  • Less Restrictions. Russian Underwriters have less demands on the objects to be insured, thus vessels older than 30 years old with non IACS class can be accepted by the Insurer.

This advantage is only worth it if to you, if you choose a broker who places your risk via another broker, with knowledge and experience of the Russian market.

To meet this need, we are in this market and we have strict demands on the Insurers : we work only with financial stable Insurers with extended experience in claims handling of marine and aviation insurance.

All of them must have re-insurance treaties with insurers such as; Allianz, AXA, CCR, Gen Re, Hannover Re, Munich Re, Partner Re, QBE, SCOR, Swiss Re, Transatlantic Re, XL Re, etc. If the policy issued by a rated Insurer is needed, we can provide coverage from the Russian Underwriters with international Ratings, such as; Ingosstrakh (S&P rating is «ВВВ-»), Allianz (Moody’s Investors Service - Baа1), Sogaz (S&P  rating “BBB-”).